Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone ! ! ! ! a year end review

in less than 6 hours it is welcome to January 2012

This year was a blast for us here in Project Wangun.. and I thought of doing a year end review of Project Wangun.. so lets sit back and recall what we accomplished this year

MARCH 23 2011:

our blog started running on this date, twas also a Wednesday btw when me and Jii finally decided to start up PJ's blog, with the thought of sharing our stuff, achievements, and just about everything under the sun. after this we informed the other members (except one cause he has difficulty in the English language and no internet time) with the same ideals and principles in mind.

after that Raider , Shinsuke , Jii , and Dandy and of course me posted total randomness on the blog hahahaha..


Majority of the members attended our first ever Ozine Fest where we had a great time then snatched a few pictures here and there
the same month also my and Jii's very first figma arrived on my doorstep (technically) from Samejima and Shinsuke finished his Red Frame Kai.


May came and Tagcom 2011 came around the corner and probably one of the most crowded conventions I attended this month also got my next gunpla the 00Q but got to post it around August due to life dues, also the same month Dandy's room suffered a bad mishap due to a storm that raged on that month..


Toycon 2011 came as stated had the most attendance of all Toycons as Alodia was present both days, and the first ever Project Wangun meeting for the GBWC happened.


in this month Project Wangun had a new layout from the previous look the logo you see above is the new layout of PW which is AWESOME

nothing happened at August as we were all busy and nothing substantial to post but a backlog, xD

September passed by but Jii posted a beautiful figs at the 11th while my house finished about 80% of its renovation


October came and one of the biggest convention was held in the Philippines Cosplay Mania 2011 whereas we met some new faces and friends in the community,, some familiar faces and got to know some of the people I see on previous cons. Also on the event got me my 2nd MG the Wing 0 Gundam.. (review pending)


The Philippine leg of the Gunpla Builder's World Cup came probably a blast and a bit controversial as far as Im concerned, also this month got our 9k views on the blog and we can't thank you all enough


December came and Christmas Toycon and Ozine invaded us, couldn't attend Toycon due to complications but made my comeback at Ozine ( post pending) and Raider got what he was searching for good loong time at a tad cheap price. hahaha

then came to this date, as the year and day comes to a close I wish you all a safe and prosperous new year, good luck and stay healthy..

to the number of readers thank you, for visiting our blog even though at times we hardly do a post..

till then and looking forward for the new year ahead.


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