Saturday, April 26, 2014

My 1st Perfect Grade- Wing Zero Custom

Wew. After how many years, I finally got one of my great Gundam dream ever!!! A Perfect Grade, yes a Perfect Grade,hahaha!!

The Wangun Show

"Sa sobrang stress ko,nakagawa ako ng show na ganito"

Dandy Chuu stated one of his comments, btw, Dandy Chuu here. Anyway after a week of toxic days on my work as a programmer, I have some time for my hobby, and since I don't any new kit to blast, I come up with a great idea, and this is it. Inspired with Mr. Danny Choo's Culture Japan and Misa'a Hyper Genki I did this. As of now, I already uploaded 3 episodes and currently processing the 4th one.

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