Saturday, April 26, 2014

My 1st Perfect Grade- Wing Zero Custom

Wew. After how many years, I finally got one of my great Gundam dream ever!!! A Perfect Grade, yes a Perfect Grade,hahaha!!

Perfect Grade or simply PG is the highest grade line of gunpla kits, and last November 24 2014 (My 26th Birthday) I bought this thing some were in Manila as A Birthday gift to my self, hahaha!!

Anyway whats with this, this kit is nearly same with a real Gundam, wow!!sounds really grade, but is just the articulations and specification, of course since its just a model kit, It doesn't  move on its own like a real one, but wish it can happen or Bandai can release things like that,hahahaha.

Close look to its cockpit. Some wires for the core's light.

Inner frame of the leg part.

Closer look to the inner frame.

First stand, almost 50% done.

Arm part.

Size comparison with 1/144 scale. Wow it is really huge.

Now, I fine it hard to assemble this one, It take almost 2 months to complete this kit, not just because its difficulty and also because of my busy work schedule and other matters. But even it took for so long, I really enjoy it. Looking forward for my 2nd PG this year.

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