Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Wangun Show

"Sa sobrang stress ko,nakagawa ako ng show na ganito"

Dandy Chuu stated one of his comments, btw, Dandy Chuu here. Anyway after a week of toxic days on my work as a programmer, I have some time for my hobby, and since I don't any new kit to blast, I come up with a great idea, and this is it. Inspired with Mr. Danny Choo's Culture Japan and Misa'a Hyper Genki I did this. As of now, I already uploaded 3 episodes and currently processing the 4th one.

My 1st episode

Anyway whats with this show, I mean inside of it and what it is all about. Wangun Show is an anime thing review show, like Hyper Genki, it discuss different anime things such us anime series, anime figures and kits, and also some anime facts. With interaction to my viewers, I post or ask some questions and will discuss to the next episode. For a change, I give Pocky to those who answer my questions. I features some of my gundam and anime figure collections here and make a review of it. I use the name "WANGUN" also to promote our group or this blog also.

Winners of Pocky

Reviewing some of my collections

In the 3rd episode and also to this up coming episode,I did something different, one of our hobby is attending cosplay events, so I featured a cosplay event here, were in I attend in a cosplay event and take some videos and photos to feature in my show. After some copy right strike because of the music I used here, I completely upload this episode. I also interviewed and feature some cosplayers in this episode.

My 1st episode outside.

Featuring Ms. Diana Dimo on Episode 3

Anyway, if you have some time, feel free to watch some of my episode, I will do this as a hobby, even though I don't earn money or anything because of this, I will doing and looking forward for future episodes of it, Im doing this just for fun, just to express what I want to say and do, and also as I stated earlier, to relief stress on my job.

Episode 1 - Why Anime? Why Gundam?

Episode 2 - What anime genre you like most and why?

Episode 3 - 7th PCC

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