Monday, February 24, 2014

Long time, hows life?

its been a long time pretty much sure our small handful audience might be gone now for now. for those who stayed thanks for sticking by.

pretty much we are still here just either busy with our daily lives or we just have nothing to post due that we have nothing to write to begin with..

well then to catch up I'm gonna start with whats new with me, aside from gunpla, and a few figmas on my possession, I've also ventured on collection Play Arts Kai figures

yes I have the Play Arts Kai Lightning and Vergil in my possession and they will grow sometime soon 

my 00 collection is almost complete with a few more kits just missing 

a bit late adopter but its alright, as I can still get the new one afterwards but yes I have this AMAZING game

well thats it for the mean time, We will try to post new updates more frequently now, but for now this is ErazEr signing out 

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