Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Figure Time! - Tsuruya

..so here she is, as promised o3o

  • used a desk lamp for lighting (yay! indoooors~~ no frickin wind! xD)
  • this is the 1st version
  • will change the bicycle's position next time (yes, I know.. its positioning is totally off...)
  • ish sleepy, needz sum reeeest
  • who's next? Mikuru? maybe... 8D

Jii, out -_-V

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My miku Collectibles

  • Hi Guys this is my Miku Hatsune's Collectibles.
  • These are my posters, some of this I buy at Comic Alley,as of now all of this poster are posted on my room.
  • Also I have stickers as you can see of left below of this photo.

  • This is my plush doll of miku hatsune, This doll was featured on my hatsune's angel were in some girls has a photo together with this doll(check on my fan page).
  • Another one was my miku sega 1/5 figure.This figure was release for the promotion of the game project diva.
  • And also I have miku nendoroids. I have miku and snow miku nendoroid. That photo was taken at Eastwood city when we compete for Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010.

  • My flashdrive or USB drive designed with miku.
  • Actually this is an ordinary flashdrive that ive put a sticker.

  • A miku hatsune mouse pad.
  • Ive wait for long for this mouse pad on comic alley and finally i have one.
  • As of know i have two miku's mouse pads,one for my desktop and other one for my laptop.

My Entry At GShot Gunpla Photo Contest

My Best Diorama Entry at GShot Gunpla Photo Contest..
This diorama show's the fight between my Harute Gundam and Gundam Exia Repair 1...

This is my Harute Gundam. Its my first kit from the movie "Gundam 00 Awakening of Trailblazer" , the reason why I buy first this kit because Hallelujah Habtism was my favorite character on 00 series. As of now i have all Hallelujah's three Gundams that he use for the entire series except for the trans-am modes.

And this is my Gundame Exia Repair 1,Actually this is an ordinary Gundam Exia kit, I made some modification to make it look like a Gundam Exia Repair that appear on the first episode of Gundam 00 season 2. I broke the G.N sword, remove the left hand and put a peace of cloth and some dirt paint to make it look like a broken mobile suit, beside to its left hand, also remove some parts, the knee and the left part of its skirt..I based this modification on some images of Gundam Exia Repair in net, most probably on the Master Grade of Exia were in you can modify the Ordinary Exia to Repair 1.

DandyChuu is here

Hi guys...im the 4th member of Wangun Boys,

Im DandyChuu from Philippines(a Filipino version of danny choo)

by the way i'm here to update you about my collection's such as Gundam model Kits, Nendoroids, Miku Hatsune

Collection, and other anime stuff...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Figure Time! - Nagato Yuki

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - gashapon set #6
  • still windy but bearable... xD (this time only a little of my sand was blown away...)
  • I love Hawkeye's puppy
  • Yuki's left foot doesn't look like a normal foot? why? blame the black cloth + wind for slightly covering it
  • next feature will be Tsuruya o3o

Jii, over and out.. ^_^V

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Figure Time! - Miku's Vacation ( photo # 3 of set )

As she was strolling down the beach, a WILD STARFISH ATTACKED! Dun dun duuuunnnn...

location : @ Bohol

ErazEr Reporting

ErazEr here..

probably some of you have seen my comments on

Z, Divinelight, Chubbybots, and among others, well now me and my buddies decided to start a blog that shows our interests among the said subjects.. :D

We're still newbies on this thing so you might witness some changes here and there. :)

was bored the other day so i decided to take this shot :D

till next post :D

ErazEr out

GunPla, Figures, Anime, Games and much in store (Intro)

Photo editing done by Jii

it's rare to see one of this on college schools: a Marlboro Red Lancer Evolution V. oh students these days.

well, i have one too. an Evolution VI, not on real life, but on arcade racing game that is.

(Maximun tune 3DX+, it's now becoming common on Arcade stalls)

back to the topic...

after this introduction posts will be posts of (let's see...) our reviews, previews, photos and thoughts of some figures and Gunpla. and also, some games, anime stuff and movies and anything interesting in the hobby category. :D.

-still learning the mechanics and basics of blogging since it was my first time in this. (i think some of the members here are first time bloggers)

for now... here's to the formation of WanGun blog spot and to all the members--CHEERS!

looks good for a gundam mod


1/100 NG Savior

To spice up our page... I present....

my first 1/100 - Savior

  • snap built
  • no panel lines
  • camera used - my trusty old one... xDXD


Your blog needs a little Ritsu <3

so here you go~

Project Wangun is now up! xD

Jii here, and I proudly announce that


(this is just a test post, I'm still a newbie in the blogging world.. -_-V ha ha ha...)

i will start posting my figs/gunpla after I photoshoot them... again... xDXD

currently working on: Haruhi beach scene (damn this WIIIINDDD!! my beloved Boracay sand is slowly getting blown away! xDXDXD)

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