Friday, March 25, 2011

Gift from Japan :D

Acquired this last March 2nd, a gift from a good friend mo mine from Japan (2 weeks before the quake me thinks)

She is Ruquia from the anime Quiz Magical Academy by Konami, and my knowledge ends there as I have no idea who she is really and what the anime is about..

came only as this to save some luggage space and weight :D

looks nice :D

the base/stand comes with its incantation written on the sides :D

has the anime name also inscribed underneath

she can stand without the base ^o^ provided that its an even surface

very detailed even to the pantsu :3

just love looking at her, but alas I have to return her to her case so dust and GN particles, or whatever won't harm her.. also a bit of protection from leaning.

and yea one last bit before I go :D

00 insists to strike a pose with her xD

ok guys till next post:D

ErazEr out


  1. wow, a trading figure. also got several at home, yeah their pantsu are detail, even better than figma I think.

    somehow want to post the difference trading figure's and figma's pantsu but eventually that makes me a maniac lol so I back off...

    And also, I'm sorry that I can't comment on this site so much just because my office block comment function of all Blogspot -_- dunno why...

    keep blogging!!

  2. you should lend her to me sometime, my "savior" wants a photo with her too.. 8D

  3. make that "some" photos.. xDXDXDXDXDXD

  4. @Divinelight yeah even though not much of a fan figs this might be the start of a new poison as a certain Figma is on "her" way on my house.. I love the details very so much :D and yea no problem on comments just comment here and there when you like.. and thanks!

    @Jii hahaha our next file sharing session promise to bring her to your home I bet even Musha wants a pic here and there


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