Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ErazEr Reporting

ErazEr here..

probably some of you have seen my comments on

Z, Divinelight, Chubbybots, and among others, well now me and my buddies decided to start a blog that shows our interests among the said subjects.. :D

We're still newbies on this thing so you might witness some changes here and there. :)

was bored the other day so i decided to take this shot :D

till next post :D

ErazEr out


  1. welcome to blogging bro!! followed and added !!keep it up and more power !! XD

  2. thanks bro :D we'll do our best in this blog..

    got some tweakings to do but all in all we can do thins smoothly

  3. Bro added you to my mutual links section already! Thanks for following my blog first.


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