Saturday, March 26, 2011

My miku Collectibles

  • Hi Guys this is my Miku Hatsune's Collectibles.
  • These are my posters, some of this I buy at Comic Alley,as of now all of this poster are posted on my room.
  • Also I have stickers as you can see of left below of this photo.

  • This is my plush doll of miku hatsune, This doll was featured on my hatsune's angel were in some girls has a photo together with this doll(check on my fan page).
  • Another one was my miku sega 1/5 figure.This figure was release for the promotion of the game project diva.
  • And also I have miku nendoroids. I have miku and snow miku nendoroid. That photo was taken at Eastwood city when we compete for Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010.

  • My flashdrive or USB drive designed with miku.
  • Actually this is an ordinary flashdrive that ive put a sticker.

  • A miku hatsune mouse pad.
  • Ive wait for long for this mouse pad on comic alley and finally i have one.
  • As of know i have two miku's mouse pads,one for my desktop and other one for my laptop.


  1. bloody awesome....
    your not that addicted to miku ehh XD

  2. A huge dose of Miku Stuff!
    Nice, and keep collecting! :)

  3. thanks for the comment guys,as of now I'm still collecting miku collectibles.

  4. do u know if there fake or not???

  5. cause im worried that if i buy in comic alley i might get the fake one :(

  6. ^ sorry for the late reply though the post is not mine ErazEr here.

    most of them were probably bought from comic alley, whilst not degenerating the store most of them are BLs though they still sell originals, just keep an eye out on anything out of the ordinary like chipped paint or no seal of approval and other likes.

  7. were the nendoroids bought here?

    1. Hi,sorry for very late response for this, You can buy original Nendoroid in some various shop here in Philippines, you can check Great Toys Online, also facebook group named "Nendoroid Philippines" and "Nendo Farm" were in you can meet some nendo enthusiast and sellers. But if you are looking for some cheaper, or what they called bootleg nendos, you can check some shop at 168 Malls in Divisoria.

  8. how much was the mousepad?

    1. Hi,my apologize for late response, you can buy this mousepad at comic alley,price range from 20 to 50 pesos.


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