Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GunPla, Figures, Anime, Games and much in store (Intro)

Photo editing done by Jii

it's rare to see one of this on college schools: a Marlboro Red Lancer Evolution V. oh students these days.

well, i have one too. an Evolution VI, not on real life, but on arcade racing game that is.

(Maximun tune 3DX+, it's now becoming common on Arcade stalls)

back to the topic...

after this introduction posts will be posts of (let's see...) our reviews, previews, photos and thoughts of some figures and Gunpla. and also, some games, anime stuff and movies and anything interesting in the hobby category. :D.

-still learning the mechanics and basics of blogging since it was my first time in this. (i think some of the members here are first time bloggers)

for now... here's to the formation of WanGun blog spot and to all the members--CHEERS!

looks good for a gundam mod


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