Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2012

and it's that time of year again for the Gunpla Builders World Cup Philippines regional finals.

the contest came early this year as seen on the said date unlike the previous years, now on a regular basis this is no problem especially on the straight build categories even if there are school obligations I can find a way to do my entry before the deadline

especially with these 2 on my shelf I can use any (but preferably the AGE-2) as my straight build entry.

but there is one teeny weeny problem, I have to have a Toys R Us receipt for me to enter the said contest which enraged many people here on our region. 

This caught all of us off guard, especially for those that started very early this year for their entries. I personally don't buy on toyshops on malls anymore because of the outrageous prices they put on their products, especially when I know shops where I can get them legitimately cheaper than their shelf price.

Now some of you may ask what is the receipt for? apparently its for "verification" purposes, but I'm willing to bet its a way for them to boost their sales, cause I believe they had spent more than earned for the past year(s) they sponsored the event.

So yea this just a short rant post of the said event, its very obvious that I'm sitting this year out because of this "ruling" but PW might be on the event for the lulz and to see again the friends on the community.

and yeah I apologize for being inactive for the past months, prototype and school related stuff hindered me and the others from posting anything decent on the blog, so yeah till then. stay safe


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