Friday, August 10, 2012


Habagat or monsoon in english this is what plagued the Philippines for the past week.

This is just a monsoon not a typhoon or a hurricane of some sort, its hard to believe that this was just heavy rainfall that caused so much flooding on various areas on the Luzon area, heck this even surpassed typhoon Ondoy that wrecked havoc on the Philippines 4 years ago, the picture below clearly speaks for itself

One of the main places that almost sunk due to the heavy rain is Manila, to its students and residents this is nothing new considering its a low area and near the coastal line, but you can't stop and worry after seeing the images below

this is the Lagusnilad underpass just beside Manila City Hall Before the flood

 this is after the rains subsided a day after


this is the Manila City Hall during the heavy rains so imagine what was the sorry state of Lagusnilad during that time.

I couldn't say the same to my school TUP Manila campus

inside the campus

outside the campus 

good thing the day before the our school's president had the foresight to suspend the classes before the water has risen to this height

Fortunately my hometown of Bacoor isn't as devastated as Manila was, below are some images during the storm

now 3 days later the floods subsided almost everything is back to normal.. Manila is de-clogging the areas still sunk under the flood while here in Bacoor only minor parts of the area have floods most of them are only ankle deep, now the funny thing is in spite of all the problems, tragedy Filipinos still manages to smile and laugh about it

here are some bits of em

and this one is my most favorite 

now of course we of course after this tragedy everyone that had recovered need to help the ones still at need.. so most of us who had the time and resources did some relief work for those people that are still on the evacuation areas. 

:D feels good doesn't it? well gang just sharing the past event here and hope you guys are safe 
and my sincerest prayers out for those still in need.

till then ErazEr signing out 

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