Monday, July 23, 2012

Onegai Onii-chan Japanese Figure Store

So you're an otaku in the Philippines who loves collecting action figures, scale figures, cast-off figures wha-?, small figures, apparel, games, model kits, artbooks, dakimakuras and all the like? then this pretty new shop is the right place for you..

I was able to buy some items from them last toycon (some nendoroid petits from the Puella series and Beach Queens Nakano Azusa Tan Ver. - which has a pending review... darn these figure review backlogs OTL) and our transaction was really smooth.. the price is just right, pretty much the same in Japan.. \m/

The owners are otakus/figure enthusiasts just like ourselves and are very nice and approachable (JII RECOMMENDS)..  so yeah, obviously I am running out of words.. you.. reader... you can know more about Onegai Onii-chan by clicking on those links above.. either the main site or the facebook page works, tho I think transactions are now made through the site.. (before it was only facebook :3)  who knows? you might find something you liek there..

PS: college is financially / intellectually killing me... so many figures to review..... so little free time..... and little funds.... a couple of preorders.... online games to play.... /dies

Jii, out...

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  1. Thank you so much for the referral!~ :D


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