Monday, May 12, 2014

Cavite City Cosfest (C3)

Here is the long overdue show report of the first ever Cavite City Cosfest which was held at the Montano Hall in Cavite City last April 12-13.
now C3 is a collaboration of Solido Caviteño, Subsonic Forge, and Anime Carousel  as a charity event for the Yolanda Victims. (as far as I heard)
This event was a very first for our group as for the first time we sponsored a cosplay event and even had a booth

here is our group banner with a revamped logo

our booth just about has everything hobby related, mostly dominated by gunpla owned by the members themselves.

but we have shelf that displayed some of our tall figures and some SIC figures that yours truly lit up to improve the looks of the cabinet.

a small glass cab for our figma and nendoroid collection.

we also sold a few figures some preloved by the members others with the collaboration of a local shop, and our very own Dandy Chuu sold some of his costumes that he never wears anymore at a very reasonable price.

Now we know how it felt like guarding a booth, the experience was quite fun actually, yet exhausting even though we were just sitting around talking about random things that come wahaha... 


Day 1: had an Elsword cosplay competition, obvious the theme was for side scrolling MMORPG
Elsword which was hosted by GM Elie from Garena

heres GM Elie in her Void Princess attire from Elsword

below were some of the few competitors of the contest 

now unfortunate for me I didn't pay attention that much on the catwalk, cause quite a bit busy with the booth and other stuff, sorry. 

now as the night rolled on the Battle of the Bands commenced which our very own Dandy Chuu joined in for the fun . 

now if you guys have trouble looking for him he's the rhythm guitarist between the vocalist and the bassist.

now unfortunately they didn't won but heck they enjoyed the performance nonetheless


Day 2 

now its quite a busy day also with a few repairs for the cabinet for some reason and rearranging the displays 

now our friends from Naruto Cosplayers arrived at the venue, at first I was not quite sure why they arrived late (they had no booth at day 1) little that I know that  Master Pogi will be hosting the event

 there we had the Karaoke contest, anime quiz, and more

Garena also had a League of Legends cosplay competition based on their immensely popular MOBA, League of Legends 

if I remember correctly this kid won

our friends from Raindrop had a performance after the cosplay catwalk here's their performance 

now the actual cosplay competition was up got myself a few pics before my camera died out 

he left too soon for even a decent shot


now the event was quite fun all in all as it was a different experience for all of us 

here are a few shenanigans we did as the day ended 

well that was expected with our group hahaha

Project Wangun (with a few key members absent)

and oh before I forgot Dandy made a show report in his YouTube show the Wangun Show


well thats that what kinda happened at C3 more photots at C3's Fanpage and here are some in our Fanpage

well till then gang this is ErazEr signing out 

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