Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pinoy Otaku Festival Fantasm

lets just call this Fantasm to avoid the long name, but anyways Fantasm is quite a unique Cosplay event that happened last weekend at Starmall Alabang.

Project Wangun was there with a booth again this time. 

now what makes Fantasm unique as I said earlier? well for me this is the first time I ever experienced a con where you don't need an entrance, but they ask attendees notebooks and other school supplies for their Balik Eskwela Project (back to school project)

plus, if you prefer a more shall we say full access VIP pass you still have an another option

pay 350 pesos and you have a 2 day full pass at Fantasm plus a full use of the Starland facilities (roller coasters, bump car, ferris wheel) and the pool to your hearts content

whats more you have a free bottle of Mogu Mogu, a free bus ride going to the event sponsored by RRCG Transit plus more (I wasn't aware of the last one honestly) and this is for the 2 DAYS, talk about VIP treatment :D.

now all jealousy aside as I said we had a booth again spreading the love about gunpla.

the experience was fun really because now, we are in a more accessible area , more fellow hobbyist came to the booth talking to kids with an interest in the hobby was a rewarding experience really, I just hope I led them on the right path about gunpla

she couldn't resist taking a selfie
now unfortunate for me I wasn't able to take many pictures of the event, cause I can't leave the booth as much as I like to .

but the event was loaded with many events as the first ever Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay competition 

now for those who don't know Bolen is a known young cosplayer here in the Philippines, 

from 2011

also, we have the usual karaoke contests, battle of the bands, and of course the cosplay competition 

now forgive me I don't have many pictures of the other mentioned events as I have already mentioned above.

now how I find the event, it was very fun actually, and very fulfilling as this a non-profit back to school charity you can't help and feel you have somewhat helped to attain one of their goals 

the collected donations
now I hope Fantasm will happen again in 2015 bigger and better, and when that happens you can bet Project Wangun will be there to support it .

I may have not mentioned many things here and there but you can always check Fantasm's Facebook page, their event page, and my lackluster photos at our Fanpage

also check this guy out, got some amazing photos on the event, and a more comprehensive article here 

now thank you for taking the time to view this post and as always ErazEr out

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