Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

now that the 2nd movie hit more than 2 weeks ago me and my buddies had the chance to watch it in its full glory.

now being a kid from the 90's I'm proud to say that Rorouni Kenshin anime was the first anime I've ever watched, and still my most favorite to this day.

now the first movie was a great hit, so it almost begged for a sequel, and what better arc to cover was the "Shishio Arc".

 the reception here in the Philippines was quite big actually. to the point last Toycon 2014 an exhibit of  RK2 movie was displayed on the venue.

clothes created by Loki's Haven
 the cast's costumes were also displayed 

some excerpts from the movie 

now I don't know how much the first movie made here but its probably big enough to bring the stars here for the premiere night . and a presson the next day. I was not present on both events so here are pictures, here and here.

now on to the movie, it was very good really, if you are gonna say how accurate it was to the anime/manga, its about 80-85%, i can forgive they omitted Cho's serpentine like sword cause it will use too much CGI which may ruin the film's charm 

a minor irk I had was what happened to Eiji after the events at Shingetsu Village, one is to assume that he was taken in by one of the villagers afterwards, but that was just me.

without spoiling much the ending is quite good, an expected cliffhanger, as it was already announced that it would be cut into 2 parts which I don't mind, because 2 hours won't do justice for the Shishio arc given that many things happened throughout.

all in all it was better than the first movie for me. the casting was good for the new characters, some looked like their anime counterpart throughout. 

looking forward for the 2nd part this September 24  


  1. Yeah, it was good movie, already saw at cinema last month. Definitely will watch part 2, airing in my country in October or November I kinda forget

    1. I just saw the last movie a few days ago, its quite good really

      a few minor "eh" moments but all in all it was very good

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