Tuesday, June 16, 2015

School Idol Festival

Heya people its been a while. :D

I'm here to share with you guys a game that got me hooked for a good while, something that got me off guard. The game's title? School Idol Festival
with the song Takaramonozu in the BG

now what is this game? basically its a rhythm game with characters based from the highly popular anime Love Live! , combined with elements from a visual novel to form a story, and character card collecting.

collecting these cards can be addicting and yea she's my favorite

now to simplify a few things and to avoid this post on becoming a tl;dr one I'm just gonna link out a video of someone playing the said game so you can pretty much see how it is played (if you wanted to see more you can go to her Youtube channel ) with the full overview of some of the basic aspects of the game from the official website.

above is my current card roster, and quite content on being an ordinary player.

now as you can see this is a "freemium" game. you have the option to by Love Gems

which can be used to
1. replenish Live Points so you can play again
2. increase your card free space by 3 slots
3. with 5 pcs you can scout on honor student scouting for a rare card or above.

this can also be gained in game to save me some time explaining here is somewhat an extensive way on how to get them

so in the end its somewhat easy to save up only thing is if you have the patience later on for a 10+1 scouting spree

to date I still don't have that UR Eli Ayase card :(
to be honest I'm still hooked at this game, one of the main reasons why I am still playing is that the game even though I'm at its cap (for now the songs you can unlock is still in level 101 on the date of its writing), that the game is fair, fair in a sense it doesn't blatantly posts in your face a paywall that you have to spend this amount of money to advance a stage. or the prizes though constant (regardless of song difficulty) you never had the need to spend real money. 

what I meant is like the game Real Racing. I admit the game is fun, the races are competitive but the problem I had is the cash prizes. you think when you get in lets say tier 5 races ( or the ones that have the Lamborghini, and the Ferrari cars) the cash prizes will have increased so you can buy those expensive car upgrades, but no its still the same, a big race can rack you around 12k cash while drag races around 1.5k. but a level 1 engine upgrade for a Lambo will cost you 100k and 2 real world hours for installation ( which I don't mind the waiting time really) but the price of the upgrades are a bit surreal, so what to do to for the purchase? you grind, grind painstakingly for the cheapest engine part, and of course for you to buy a level 2 you have to grind again. for me its kinda like cheating, where your progress is hindered by something and you are forced to purchase gold and cash to proceed, which is the main reason why I abandoned the game.

so yeah currently I'm in rank 117 waiting for the June Eli event for this weekend

so thats about it... a fun game for the Love Live! fans to play

ErazEr out

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  1. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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