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Play Arts Kai: Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa Lockheart

finally after a long time another figure review, and what perfect way to start with one of the most iconic female characters in the past decade, Tifa

for the uninformed Tifa is one of the protagonists of the hit video game Final Fantasy 7 and dubbed as an icon among female video game characters. To stop with a TL;DR explanation of her backstory on this post you can read up an extensive backstory of her here

on to the review!!!!!

The Packaging:
for some reason I didn't noticed beforehand my tripod was somewhat tilted -_-
front of the box shows a relaxed somewhat serious look for her. while at the back showcased a few of the different poses she can pull off while showing her other comrades (which are also available now)

opening flap reveals the figure herself and some description of her on the left 

as such
and such

this could be a very cool tattoo if you think about it


getting her outside the box gives you the figure herself, plus a standard Play Arts Kai base.

on the left side shows you instructions on how you can change her hands and head (which we will get to later on)

its just like assembling plamo :D

right side shows you the instructions on how you can assemble the base stand which is quite easy just as long as you follow the instructions. :D

image not mine

the completed base which is adjustable via height.

the scent of a newly opened package!

opening the plastic cover gives us the figure and included accessories.


the hands
hands are pretty much self explanatory. you have 2 pairs of non gloved hands and 3 pairs of gloved hands with one pair connected together via the "I'm putting my gloves on and kick your butt scene" its also worth noting that the right hand has a ring on it. I vaguely remember if she has it on the show but meh, a nice addition nonetheless.


she comes with 2 heads, with the ordinary down hair and the swooshing hair effect

her face is also interchangeable giving you options
as such
and such

and since her bangs are also molded the same way you can use the swhishy bangs with the ordinary hair

as seen here 

The Figure:


looking majestic even just by standing there
she is purteeeeeeeeeeey even by just standing there

as seen here she stands just over 9 1/2 inches, her fictional height is around 5'5" which makes her about a 1/7th scale of a figure (I'm not quite sure actually)

I like what SE did on this part of her top.. it created the illusion that its removable clothes as seen my finger is poking on it.

she is sculpted well, not much issues, its as if she is a real person :D

her skirt(?) or apron like thing on her waist is made of soft plastic that covers her groin area. It looks great, even though I kinda wished her back skirt was a cloth with wires inside kinda motif which I will explain later on

at first I wished her ribbon is made of the same soft plastic her back skirt is made of. but I realised its much more better this way as I won't have to deal with it if ever it breaks off. nonetheless its finely painted.

don't mind the dog hair :D

she has great sneakers. I kinda like the black accents all around including the sole which made it look dirty.


being a figure that is almost unhindered even by her skirt she has wide array of poses especially the legs.

she moves yey!

she balances quite well

her feet is also quite articulate as a joint is inside her sneakers which gives her somewhat an unhindered motion

and her sneakers swivel left and right with a peg 

which makes it quite easy for her to place her feet on the surface 

did I say she balances well?

I'm not quite sure if my table is uneven or I just didn't find the right balance for her to strike this, but heck, thats what the stand is for!

for the life of me I could not do this pose on her

as you can see on my poor attempt. Maybe because I'm kinda scared putting her on positions that may break her

and this is where the cloth with wires inside gig will will enter.. since the skirt is solid plastic.. gravity will always droop it downwards unless you hold it up for the said pose above or we do a bit of photoshopping

trying to imitate the box pose
my only gripe maybe is how her lips were painted on the serious face, maybe its only on my figure or its a recurring one, I don't know 

a mean elbow
another view of the pose

backflips no problem

to close it off if you are a fan of her its a no brainer to get Tifa, provided you get her at decent price. My biggest mistake was not getting her last January (release date) or earlier on, I held back for months before deciding on getting her but then it was too late with the release of Cloud, + the announcement of a remake, her price skyrocketed a bit but even then it was not reasonable, imagine from the brand new price $75 (P3,500 Ph peso) it turned to $100-ish, and do take note $100 is the resell price !! which pretty preposterous for me. luckily a friend let go of hers at a very reasonable price which was a life saver for me.

so yeah, thank you guys for taking the time to read this review and till then this is ErazEr signing out


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