Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ozine Fest 2014

its that time of the year again, the venue is different but its still Ozine Fest nonetheless..

an excerpt from Wikipedia: Ozine Fest is an annual anime convention organized by the editorial committee of Otakuzine Anime Magazine, a local anime magazine published in the Philippines by PSICOM Publishing, Inc.The event features mainstream activities such as cosplay competition, exhibition booths, band tournament and art contests.

personally this con is a never miss for me for me as:
1. this happens on April
2. it happens on or before my birthday
3. sure thing I have some colleagues with me along the way


Disclaimer: now this is told from my (ErazEr's) perspective and does not subject and affect the views and opinion of the other members of Project Wangun. the events I will post happened around 3 pm onwards of day 3. and I may tackle some of the discrimination mentioned in the aftermath of the event


now then with that out of the way lets get on!

now as said we arrived around 3 PM thankfully however, the long line mentioned by the early birds was gone. but what surprised me as I go along the escalator there were guards on the first floor and there were guards on the 3rd floor which endresult this happened
from Armaine Yapyuco

from Armaine Yapyuco

a huge mass of people on the escalator going up, now personally going up I didn't had any trouble cause I have a friend who was an exhibitor on the event so I passed the guards like it was nothing, but arriving on the event floor I was greeted with

now this may look that it has no order whatsoever but believe me it has, but with the huge number of people left and right you can't see anything decent. many complained this was the worst line they have ever been as there was a line to enter, a line on the escalator, a line for the ticket booths, and a line for the show floor, now personally I've been through worse back in my  enrollment days but thats for an another story anyways,  upon arriving on the ticket stall I was a bit surprised about the inflation of the ticket price that is from 120 to 150 which outraged many people from Facebook, more on that later .

now upon arriving on the free hall, I saw a very familiar sight

now this is nothing new to me as I'm a con-goer for a good 5 years so lets say I'm kinda used to this setup. now this is a good area to have some pics with some of the cosplayers on the area, here are some of our few shenanigans

now I didn't have much pictures of the booths as the event hall itself was very cramp. its kinda hard for me (an inexperienced photographer) to get decent shots

as you can see this is the event floor itself

and to end it off here an obligatory selfie with the banner

not me of course 

now all in all the event is fun crowded but fun. now in fairness to the Ozine staff they are aware of all the ruckus outside the event floor especially the inflation of tickets which you can read more here.

now about this lady and the security staff

now from what I've heard from the many frustrated attendees that she was a bit harsh to the people especially to those with no tickets (one of the reason why I bought one in the first place) and not letting people up to the event ground when they say its on "capacity", I heard it personally when she stopped her fellow guards from allowing more people from the escalator, yes she was a bit harsh and had a bad choice of words, but remember she and the others were just doing their jobs. many may have no idea on how hard it is controlling a mob of people when you are just about a dozen while there are other happenings taking place at SMX, so for me a bit of tighter security is okay than a lackluster security detail, I'm willing to bet the same people who complained about it, will be the same people who will complain if a lunatic with a bomb and  pistol got through and killed a bunch of people.

a bit disorganized? maybe abit, I just wish the how tight the security outside is as tight inside, because, my friends from Sugar48 experienced a robbery INSIDE the venue more specifically at the backstage. they lost 3 phones and a bag, no word on the recovery of the said things however I don't know.


now to sum it up it was fun to see my friends within the community is more than enough to negate the bad experiences

with Caitlyn

the comments of whether this was the "worst con ever" is debatable as everyone is entitled on their own opinion and other whatnot, if you want to read a more comprehensive report check out DEREMOE

well then special thanks to miss Armaine Yapyuco for allowing me to use a couple of her shots.

more pics and shenanigans on our fanpage

our video coverage of the event

and as always thank you for taking the time to read ErazEr out

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