Saturday, August 20, 2011

HG GNT 0000 00 Qan[T]

00Qan[T] or 00 Quanta is Setsuna's final MS on Gundam 00 which shown on Gundam 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer.

Particularly IMO is one of those lead suits that never got to shown on its fullest potential(Strike Freedom was one of them) as it appeared 5 to 7 mins before the OVA ended and he never actually fought the opposition, whilst just taking the defensive most of the time.

But enough about that rant lets move on to the model itself. The Qan[T] is the updated Gundam of the 00 (or 00 Raiser) storywise and reality, he is also a recycled frame of his predecessor (one which the HG and MG shares more like).. in a sense if you built the 00R in a way you have also built the oo Quan[T] cause they are 90% similar physically..

in preparation on this build I painted the undersides of the condensers silver and "marked" with green marker the supposed to be clear green thingies

the body looks great as it has the Green Orb reminiscent to Exia plus the GN drive on the back doesn't look very obvious (but i wish they are luminescent clear green) the hole on the back places the shield this guy wields..

the head looks a hybrid of 00 and Reborns gundam making it look very sleek, though I heard some people complain about it.. cleaned the silver paint on the V fin and redone the blue paint on the head, but I have to redo the clear cause the marker didn't stood up for what its supposed to do.. gotta buy myself some clear green when the time budget permits. oh well XD

the arms looked similar on most parts the difference ended with the right have a wider & longer shoulder guard and what appears as an arm guard similar to Susanowo's left arm while the left has a shorter shoulder armor with no arm guard, still reminiscent of the 00's arms

the waist looks sharp and long but one little rant: why did Bandai changed the way on how the peg on the side skirt armor attaches on the waist?? this caused problems on posing let alone, the 00R's side skirt fell less than this guy

the legs on the 00Q are the same feminine-like legs of the 00R only different are the flaps on the condensers and knee guard.. but all in all looks a tad good.. cleaned the paint on the foot

by far this i think is the highlight of the 00Q as the weapon is a full clear green blade that transforms to a rifle when switched horizontally.. plus with the sword bits it can transform into a buster sword plus a big rifle when also switched horizontally.. again reminiscent to the 00R as this looks like the GN Sword II only greener and bigger

parts of the shield.. the look of it is very unique as it is attached to the GN drive via swivel mechanism and all of the sword bits attaches to it making it also a weapon holster/shield/GN drive..

here he is completed full.. as many said its asymmetrical due to the shield on the left as it looked more armed than in the right xD

pretty decent as he can also do high kicks w/o difficulty because he doesn't have any front skirts to block the legs

he can do full splits and yea thats the side skirt armor who just fell down again =_=

side by side with his older brother as you can obviously see the similarities between them

Focus your thoughts, use your QBW to communicate with everyone

poses: great he can balance himself quite nicely

a aerial pose that makes him look like high and mighty :D

flip it horizontally and you will get the rifle mode.. a very long one I must say

with the bits removed it forms this enormous sword that sure frightens any enemy it will pass by. xD

while the joints are still fresh he can support that big sword easily

changing the end turns it to a rifle

like so.

connecting the shield to the GN Drive on its back turns him on his quantum burst mode on the end of the movie (insert green glitter all over the place)

one last bit this was not shown on the movie or in the manual but it kinda looks good, the MG can also hold the long one of the sword bits..

overall as jabman025 would say i give this a thumbs up. build is amazing in spite his size and can pose like a MG even though he's HG and best of all he is cheap.. only 1600 yen this is a must buy and build for anyone.. plus a little easter egg with this guy is this..

too bad that the main points of the kit doesn't illuminate like the sword but oh well..

coincidentally my buddy chubbybots is doing mods on his 00Q as well follow this link for the post

well gtg back to reality.. sorry for the lack of posts as life is getting on my way recently

-ErazEr out-


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