Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Toy Con 2011

One of the "Big" events that's held here on the Philippines. Toy Con features more toys than Tagcon, more shops and more broke wallets than the previous cons combined (okay I was being exaggerated xD)

By far the people said this 10th anniversary had the most attendance than the previous years as it has more or less 60k people had attended cosplayers, photographers, and just random people combined which made this one of the most crowded conventions I've ever attended.

probably this is what I've been waiting for the scratch built
Gravity Cannon for the Ultrasaurus from Zoids: Chaotic Century

Lara Croft calling for ya xD

free play of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Of course this is not complete if there is no cosplayers present on the event. IMO the sole
reason why this event had that much attendance is because Alodia was present on both days the event, which caused many confusion and many cameras flashing about xD..

stolen shot to a friend of mine xD cosplaying Quistis

he is probably the ladies' eyecandy xD

my good friend Jazminne

..... I didn't took this pic xD

I know someone is out of place but cut her some slack

the event was loads of fun.. got tired of running around the place
and no, I failed on getting a snapshot of Alodia though.. and almost got home empty handed only a Kasumi gachapon fig, and failed to buy a gunpla this time around but I'm just about happy in the long run

see you guys on Cosplay Mania 11 on October 1-2 2011

.... and oh one more thing

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