Monday, September 5, 2011

Figure Time! - Elpeo Puru

Hello there people, it haz been a long while... /bows so.. what do I have today? well here I have a gashapon figure of Elpeo Puru (one of my favorite females in the UC). This is going to be my first ever, official review so please do not expect too much.. xDXDXD

Data :

Character : Elpeo Ple (エルピー・プル Erupī Puru) (often translated as Elpeo Puru) is a fictional character who appears in Gundam ZZ. She is an artificially enhanced newtype, who first appears fighting for Neo Zeon under Glemy Toto, for which she pilots the AMX-004 Qubeley Mk-II.

Product Manufacturer : Bandai

 reference image for the figure


wanna  play dance with me?

 every figure review needs shots like this one right? =.=  (sorry Puru..)

 this one looks like Puru 2 in disguise /sinistershadows

 Dama-Strike's having a little trouble keeping up with Puru


originally priced at nearly Php 500.00 but only got it for P100 xDXD sale suxxor...

back of the box || the set includes (clockwise from Puru) Elpeo Puru, Quess Paraya, Rain Mikamura, Christina Mackenzie (next review) and the oh-so-popular Lacus Clyne.

For a gashapon figure, I'd say that this Puru is pretty decent considering that it is well.. a gashapon figure.. xDXD Thank you Bandai for successfully reproducing the energetic and lively aura that Puru has always been known for. I really wish that I'd come across another Puru figure.. (Puru, Puru 2, Marida Cruz... whatever.. I liek all Puru variatioooons!) and oh, yeah... a MG Qubeley.. perhaps? =_____=""

RATING : 4/5

that's all folks, till my next review! /dies

and oh, thanks for viewing!! /diesagain


  1. Hehe I'll probably go for marida cruz if the ever release her. Need it to accompany my kshatriya :P

    And Puru looks like she can swing strike out any moment!!

  2. YIS YIS! I also want that Megahouse Marida Cruz! hehe..

  3. Nice loot dre hirap mag hanap talaga ng classic gundam figures pilot


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