Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long post is Long...and Catching Up...

hmmmm..... let's see.. o.o

It's been a long time since i last wrote here. and lo, so far i have only written one so far... *sighs*
well the reason for this is that these past few weeks or months i say, i a
m very occupied by:

-my college life, (very.occupied. by lots and lots of school work) and gladly, i am in a short semestral break for now, which will last for only two weeks (i guess?) >.<
-some minor changes here and there,
-backlogs and stuffed jobs (renovation and maintenance issues) /
-and etc.

to give you an idea, let me share this.

reimu flies by to say hi ;)

this was my recently finished project. well sort of... after acquiring it, i dress-it-up and slightly modified it to style. and still, it never ends. having a car is a totally, dif
ferent experience. just like gunpla and figures, they dig deep in your pockets, very costly, but it's all worth it.

anyway,.. *ehem* here is what's in store in the following quarter, as i am currently doing my part and contributing my reviews and my posts for these (had a lot to catch u

^new units!^and new nendos. Snow miku is shy

first will be this: items that i have obtained during the month. and will be writing a review for some of these. total of 3 nendoroids and 5 gunplas in total. also... i intended to review this as i had just finished this one:

^Looks like Miku and BRS is interested and wants to play :3

yep! it's the recent released game for the PSP, named: "Black★Rock Shooter : The Game"


due to the popularity and the success of hatsune miku's song: Black★Rock Shooter , and succeeding it's first OVA, this game came out shorly afterwards. it became an hit to gamers and fans alike. my first impression as i play the game, it was like an rpg-style gaming where you play as the girl in black, with twin tails wielding a HUGE Cannon on her right hand; shooting down foes to level her up and unlock Skills to use against them. it was like Final Fantasy-ish gameplay whereas there are two modes: battle mode and free-roam mode.

^Mini-BRS plays around. look at her go!

-more about it on my next review post about the game-

and last will be my Work-in-progress build and custom for the upcomming gunpla builder world cup event in november.. which will be represented by one out-of-the-box unit build, and a custom unit build... hope i can make it in time. >.<
(ill try to post pictures of it as i go along with my build)

^idea for color scheme, or itasha perhaps?


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