Sunday, September 11, 2011

3rd Floor View

Random Post for today:

one reason for my lack of gunpla activity as of late is we had a small renovation on our house, as we added the height of the floor and added 2 more additional floors on it. its about 65-70% done (methinks) we just had to stop it cause the initial budget was not sufficient to sustain the results we want...

Brief history: our area is initially a high place, but due to bad drainage system and some local mishaps, the house was flooded inside 2 times after (one was in 2000 typhoon "Millenio"other was 2 years ago with typhoon "Ondoy") after the last super typhoon my dad opted to do what was said above..

now out with the serious part, I climbed up on the 3rd floor today and saw a vast scenery around me


a farmer on the field

dog happily having a stroll on the field :D

the neighboring village (Addas Homes)

Globe Telecom's tower

our neighbor's vehicle xD

well thats all for tonight haha sorry for the off topic post but I wanted to share this view to many :D

till then -ErazEr- out


  1. Nice to have an open top 3rd floor! Now at least you can shift your stuff up if there is flooding again.

  2. that would be a very high flood there.. since we heightened the 1st floor to the same level of the highest flood that reached us

  3. I always have to scroll down first and pause that blasted music player before I can continue browsing... TT^TT
    A song usually lasts 4 minutes...
    Who stays and wait more than 4 minutes browsing a blog anyway?

    That aside...
    I noticed that the dog was happy. XD

  4. nice and calm scenery you have there.

    I also have some fields nearby, if I'm not lazy sometimes I took a walk around them.


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