Tuesday, September 27, 2011

92th gunpla unit

Sorry for not posting here for the past few weeks? months?? because of my hectic working schedule..

As an update on my Gunpla collection, I already have 92 units, 8 more units and I will reach my 100 unit goal for this year, and this one is obviously my 92th.. HOORAY FOR ME!... Finally i had my hands on this very rare and old kit, thanks to my student Kevin Espina (for selling it to me.. LUCKY!) I will post the actual photo of the kit after i fix and modify it.. So my post ends here, thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. You should enter it in the Tallgeese/Leo Competition and Group Build when you finish.


    Tallgeese I/II/III and Leo Competition, submit entries via email to [mfg_com@yahoo.co.jp] Due date is the end of November 2011. Pictures entered MUST BE 800x600 in size. Must include standing pose of its full front, full back, full right side, full left side, the rest of the pictures can be from any desired angle/pose. No prize. Entries upon closing will be submitted to Bandai's hobby division in an attempt to petition the need/desire for a MG Tallgeese. Accepting new and old built kits.


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