Sunday, September 11, 2011

Figure Time! - Christina Mackenzie

Greetings people, here is my promised review of Christina Mackenzie..  another one of UC's most prominent females and she is also the heroine in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.

Data :
Character : Christina Mackenzie - クリスチーナ・マッケンジー Kurisuchīna Makkenjī
is a character from Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. She is part of the Earth Federation and is the test pilot of Gundam NT-1 "Alex," a mobile suit made to be used by Amuro Ray.

Product Manufacturer : Bandai

reference image

redheads are hot..

 she comes with the standard gashapon figure stand..

 without the support

 back view

 she CAN stand (w/out the base..)

 this shot needs a knife in her right hand...

 and here is SD Alex who was just born just a while ago.. xD

 Alex : don't worry Chris! Imma gonna protect you from that pervy Bernard! He he he...

Chris and her "PET"

Alex : who are you calling PET?! want me to shoot you with my 90mm Gatling Guns?!

Another part of this set where my Puru is also included. Details are average, slightly lower to my Puru, and based on the reference image... the figure's casual clothing was slightly off.. being in a much darker shade of yellow. I never watched War in the Pocket's 6-episode OVA so I do not know much about Chris' personality... people say that she has a motherly aura tho.. xD

RATING : 3.8/5

Alex : hey Jii, I want you to buy my MG brother! if you don't then I'll cut you down! get it?!
Chris : now now Alex, where are your manners? the person you are talking to is OUR master.. you won't be standing right now if it weren't for him.. now have some milk *gives Alex a bottle of milk*

Alex : ooooh, milk.. /babytalks ^3^

Jii : (that explains the motherly aura.. hmm-mm.. and that MG Alex... guuh... damnit... -_____- and hey hey, I want some milk too.. ) hey Chris, where'd you get that milk? I don't remember giving you any? unless.......

Chris : Eh? what are you thinking?!  you peeervvvv*sliiiiceeeee*

Jii :
ooof! (were those.. beam sabers?) /dies


next review will be... Bandai's Roy Mustang

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