Saturday, April 23, 2011

Figma # 076: Sakuya Izayoi [Touhou Project]

At first, when i hear the words "Touhou Project", curiosity always gets me, spawning questions like: "what is it?" "is it an anime? a game? a movie? a music creator?" and i was wondering why it has so many fans and is very common in otakus and fans alike. at one point, my classmates are also fans of Touhou and was sharing it to their friends. and i was starting to get interested. and then the inevitable happened: a friend of mine shared me a full archive of Touhou Project Games. after trying out one of them, i was hooked. i became addicted and became one of the fans of Touhou Project, then i started, knowing the characters, finding good wallpapers and music, and eventually, getting my hands on one of these:

yep! it's a Sakuya Izayoi Figma from GoodSmileCompany; one the few touhou project figmas so far released here, aside from the nendos and figures available as of today. and it is my FIRST and only Figma i have here, aside from Miku nendos and GunPla in display. as far as i know, Sakuya Izayoi is the Head Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where she serves with Mistress Remilia Scarlet. she is a Stage Boss and her specialties are Time Manipulation and Mastery of Knife Throwing. combine them and you've got a elegant and perfect maid who you don't want to mess with.

Box Art in Back part shows-...

with that all said, let's now continue. shall we? :)

The Package includes Sakuya herself (as she first appeared in EOSD), 2 sets of hands (1 set for holding 3 mini-knives/hand, one set is for holding a single knife or the mop and a Right Hand only for the Pocket Watch.); the base stand for your figma, a resealable plastic, should you bring her outdoors, two sets of faces, and every maid's favorite weapon of choice: Kitchen Knives and a Mop. *giggles*

it also includes what i call "mood stickers"; for a more interesting touch for your figure. i let her out of the box, i can't resist having a photo seesion with her as the model. and then the photoshoot took place. :)

"Greetings , nice to meet you. I am Sakuya Izayoi, the Head Maid."

...she seems to be enjoying her job as a Chief maid. she is good at cleaning dirty areas, and a time checker: a useful feature having her with you. :) ..but ALWAYS remember: she is Armed and Dangerous. you don't want to mess with her if things didnt turn out all too well. :3

Sakuya: ..if one is not enough..... there's always plenty of them right here.

Me: >.<

...anyway, Action Poses!

battle poses and aerial shots can be made and looks good since it has nice articulation and is very flexible. the box illustration inside can be used as a background wallpaper for that "spellcard look"
this has to be my favorite pose of her. it's just looks perfect!

anyway, as it was my first figma, i was really happy that i have acquired one of these. being the first of my Figma and being a character from Touhou Project.

...and on that bombshell, here's one final shot for you guys.

-that's all for now-

Sakuya: thank you very much! have a nice day! see you soon!

- Raider -


  1. so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee makes me want one too!

  2. indeed she is! :)and it's really a good buy. although finding one is a little hard since they have little stock of them here, but you can also buy and ship one! and once you have it, it's definetly worth it. :)


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