Saturday, April 2, 2011

H-Arms VS Leopard Destroy

Hi guys its me DandyChuu once again, now I will show some of my Gunpla Photo Shoot Collections,"H-ARMS Vs Leopard Destroy". I did this on our Backyard btw.

After a recon mission with the team, Trowa decided to take a longer route home then...

Trowa: huh? a mobile suit in this area? I wonder who that is..

Trowa: Its a Gundam!

Trowa: watta!!!

Roybea: Take this!!!

Trowa:You can't beat me..

Trowa:Now its my turn...

Trowa: Eat this!!!!!!

Roybea: Its that all you and your mobile suit can do?!

Roybea: Here are some gifts from me!!!! I hope you gladly accept them this time!

 Roybea: Show me all you've got!!


Trowa:Of course these are not all, here!! some treasures from my grandfather!
Trowa: Take a slice....hahahaha!
Roybea: oh god....he had a knife???how come, I thought he only had bullets...were the hell did he get this thing??Trowa: you picked a fight with the wrong pilot.... *sigh* you should go back where you came from...Roybea:  No!!!!!!! it can't be!!!!!!!!! me, defeated? DAAAAAMN IIIIIIITTTTT!!

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