Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ozine Fest 2011 DandyChuu's POV(Part 1-Before Cosplay)

Hi Guys,sorry for my late update regarding the last Ozine Fest 2011. This event was absolutely fun,nice,enjoy, and many nice things.

First, before we go to the event proper, me together with my "GranKinghts"(Our Otaku Groups here at Cavite Philippines) co members take a round trip on MegaMall, the mall where the event was held. And look what I've found, a Perfect Grade Wing Gundam Custom on Toy Kingdom of the said mall. It Cost almost 12,000 pesos (too bad I can't afford one at this time).

When we went on the event proper, we saw lots of cosplayer outside the venue. At that time, I decided not to wear first my costume, I take a look around for the whole event first before I did Cosplay. And this snow miku was the first cosplyer who catch my attention.
While keep rounding on the event, I also meet our friend Sedale Galermo Cosplaying Servbot from Megaman,

I also meet my freind Raider with his cosplay.

And also what do you expect most in this event besides on cosplyer, there are some anime stuff's such as Gunpla,Nendoroids, and Figures.

And also I buys one of them, As of now, I have my new Dead Master Nendoroid, I really like this kit that's why I bought it without a doubt. Also have his Black Rock Shooter Nendo kit.

Before I totally change my outfit, I take some photos in some cosplyers. And then the magic begins


  1. Ayumi wahaha never thought "She" was the Ayumi that was featured in TV days before the event

  2. Deaaaaadd Maaaaaasteeeeeerr........


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