Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Ver. Kai WIP Part 4

Hello, Shinsuke here! As promised, I have here the MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Ver. Kai WIP part 4. On this post I'll show you the assembly of the Tactical Arms II L (The tactical Arms version made for Red Frame that was shown in the manga) as well as Red Frame's Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce.

On the left is the picture of the parts needed for the Tactical Arms II L that will be used for the "blade" itself. Since this is a huge weapon when in Sword Form (one of the modes of T.A.II L), it has many parts for this weapon only, as well as the fact that they serve functions not just for transforming but for details for a more realistic look as well. The right shows SD RedFrame holding the assembled part for the Booster that will be attached to the T.A., as well as the parts for it. (The cup I bought at the Anime Overload Festival 2009 is shown here, behind SD Red Frame)

Here are the pictures showing the T.A. Blade parts already assembled, as well as the Booster parts and the Handle assembled as well. Take note that the handle also serves as a separate weapon (some say that Lowe Guele uses that for cutting metal scraps while it was being held by the T.A.). Red Frame Kai's Tactical Arms differ from Blue Frame 2nd Layer Tactical Arms in terms of parts, as well as modes of transformation.

Above pictures show how SD Red frame single-handedly wielded (whoa) that huge completed Tactical Arms weapon with no help from any weapon stands or action bases. The right picture shows T.A.'s inner frame. Looking at that Tactical Arms really reminded me of Kazuki Mutou's Sunlight Heart Arms Alchemy (in the anime Busou Renkin), that's why I'm planning of modding it a little to make it look like one. Hoho~

Here we have a look at the parts needed to create the Sheath and the Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce. The gold parts in the swords are not really gold at all, it looks yellow to me. But it's ok, considering that I got both swords (they are both chrome/silver coated and they shine) in one package. The level of detail they gave for the swords are great as well. The sheaths are connected to the leg parts by means of a joint.

Now that everything is already assembled and the last thing we need is to build the whole gunpla together. The last post will all be shots of the completed unit, as well as some action poses. Once again, thank you for reading my post, and see you soon~!

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