Friday, April 1, 2011

Red "Frame" Rock Shooter(RRS)

Hi guys this is the first time I did this, where in I combined a nendoroid and a SD gunpla. I would like to introduce my "Red Frame Rock Shooter"  a.k.a RRS.

This kit (a SD Astray Redframe Gundam) came from an event in the 2010 Bandai model kit world cup : paint and build contest. Actually this is the first and I don't think if it is also the last SD of mine because I find them not that too interesting unlike the standard kits which I collect. Since this kit is free, i still kept it, hehehe. By the way this SD kit is a bit different from the standard ones because of the detailed joints which makes it cooler. And also one person that I met on the event (I forgot his name, sorry whoever you are!) told me that this kit is rare here in the Philippines, and they give it for free? what a steal eh?..

Anyway, one of my interests besides Gunplas and Miku Hatsune collectibles is collecting nendoroids, and one of my nendoroids is Black Rock Shooter. I buy nendoroids according to my choice, and all of them are female. I don't even think of buying male ones because that would be so wrong. I got BRS from *ta-da* Great Toys Online,  during their sale promo that  offered up to 30% discounts. BRS served as my gift to myself when I passed the entrance exam at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) and successfully enrolled for my master's program M.I.T or Master's in Information Technology. This was my 7th nendoroid. Maybe later I can post some photos of my nendo collection including BRS.

With the use of those two kits, I came up with a new one, the Red "Frame" Rock Shooter. I have seen some photos like this on internet, where in a female character combined with a gunpla, they call it as "Gundam Girls" and this is my first Gundam Girl, pretty simple but beautiful isn't it?. I don't think that I will do this again but i found it quite fun. I enjoyed taking some photos with this kind of because it was way too different with the things that I always do before.

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