Monday, April 11, 2011

Ozine Fest 2011 ErazEr's POV

Ozinefest 2011 was a blast, and couldn't think of a better header than this Servbot's pic, but anyways as said on my previous posting this was the first Ozine I have attended, and boy I did have a good time.

Lots of things happened, I regret not taking at least a photo of everything that was going on cause alot was going on all in once as I was busy taking pictures of whatever comes to my sight.

End result is I wasn't able to take home any loots (though admin Dandy, and Raider have a simple haul) but all I got is memories of that fun event

cute set of Nendoroids :D mmm me wants xD

these eva figurines ...... never mind xD.. but gotta admit they look good.

and who doesn't love Belldandy couldn't resist taking a picture of her

and of course whats an event if there are no cosplayers!!!!!

Admin Dandy Chuu and Raider having their own share on the catwalk xD in which they performed well and received positive impact from the audience (humorous impact I mean)

there are lots of more photos that I've taken and some of which are on my Flickr, and all are on my Facebook

well then thats all and till next post guys

ErazEr out


  1. haha man, wish i can go to such events again..too bad got to stay at home for the time being lol.

    I am sure you will be ready for the next one!

  2. @Ian_Ian wahaha next time do everything on your power to go :D

    @chubbybots: well we can't do anything about it, unless you and your family went to the event all at the same time :D and yea I will be ready,though fundwise gota save up:D

  3. Si Alodia ba yung cosplayer na Paradise kiss (pink-haired)character?

  4. ^ no I believe not cause no guards and Ashley and mommy Mariglor. a look a like maybe? I dunno cause I have a picture with her


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