Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ozine Fest 2011

yes the authors of Project Wangun is going to Ozine Fest 2011 at the SM Megamall, unfortunately due to budget constraints we can only go on the last day which is Sunday which will be jam packed with all of the events listed on the poster.. so for those in the Philippines come on and join the fun.

This is probably one of the largest conventions held here on the Philippines, I personally haven't attended the said event in the past, so I still don't know what to expect, but what I'll know is we are all going to have some fun. I'm not gonna cosplay btw just take some pics of the event.

all things are said and see you guys there at the convention

-ErazEr out-


  1. well good luck boys!!
    epic'ly i wont be come'n due to crapy reasons XC
    do hope u guys have fun!!

  2. Looking forward for the after-Convention report =)

  3. will do guys.. expect a photospam or whatever :D

    I'm on my way :D

  4. wers the pics XD
    i envy you guys!!T_T
    but hey i had a great day 2day even though i ddnt go to the con XD
    pics!!pics!! wers the pics XD

  5. U guys are lucky lol XD got some budget problems so I didn't have the chance to attend :) but i'm happy u guys enjoyed it :)
    See ya next con :) harhar

  6. "budget problems"

    Yeah, same here... -_-V


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