Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5th Tagcom Games & Hobbies ErazEr's POV

Last weekend (May 20-22) the authors of Project Wangun, (namely ErazEr, Raider, and Shinsuke) attended the 5th Tagcom Games & Hobbies convention held on Robinson's Ermita. This convention is just like Toy Con (which will happen on June 18-19 2011) which has many booths that sell anime toys, DVD's and other goodies, but what differentiates this to Toy Con, is that there is an auction where the exhibitor may get their items auctioned at a cheaper or a much more expensive price if luck allows it :D

note: I forgot to take pictures of the booths cause we were all running around the place xD
event proper with the booths
but of course this wouldn't been an event if there are no cosplayers!!!!!!! I was lucky this time as I was sitting down for the first time on the entire catwalk portion

cute kid I must say :D

of course Darna will join the scene

these are just a few that joined the Cosplay Catwalk, of course they will be posing for the photographers outside the catwalk

admin Raider wearing BRS costume with some kids :D
probably my favorite shot is this
Demon Nurse from Silent Hill 3

being toys and hobbies of course a few sculptures and toys were on display

the event was fun. very fun, almost went home broke hahaha.. the only regret I have on this event was not buying the figma Shana which was being sold in auction for only P1.5k. grrrrrr.. and I was terribly short -_-

loots from the con: a nifty fresh gear poster with Alodia, and Ashley Gosiengfiao, Tetsuya Ogawa's poster which I won from the auction, a SD Astray Red Frame (I currently have 3) and finally after a 6 month hiatus a 1/144 HG 00 Quan[T] from the 00 movie Awakening of the Trailblazer.

whew thats that and thank you for reading see you guys next con on June

ErazEr out


  1. I wub teh SEEIIIBAAAAA <3 <3

  2. Hehe demon nurse is also my favorite shot!! Looks like tons of fun for you mate! Man I missed going to convections like these....

  3. yea hehe too bad you are out of the country Jii :D

    @chubbybots, haha the nurse is also a friend of mine.. the event was very fun indeed its indescribable, for now you are busy with your wife and kid so its understandable.. maybe when baby Warren is bit older he can costume Keroro or someone :D

  4. Poor DandyChuu,I falied to come on this event,hehehehe

    @Raider,nice Shot with the angel beats,

    @EraZer,nice shots but my favorite shot among them was the long red hair Girl with a gun and fancy ear,hehehehe,she is totally cute...


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