Friday, May 27, 2011

A Breaking News from Philippines

Recently, our country was hit by a typhoon (as always) and look what if left (Note: I did not make this intentionally just for a shoot, It really happened)Because of this mess, I was shocked upon entering my room.

THE REASON: I left my window open and unexpectedly a typhoon came, and this is what happened.

Many Mobile Suits had sacrificed their lives, and this Exia Repair 1 of mine managed to hang onto something when he fell down.

Even my Evangelion Unit 02 also became a victim of the said disaster.

When you look at these photos they kind of looked like a large-scale war on a battle field where in many of them were scrapped

And looks like my poor Kyrios was asking for help because he lost his right leg.

 Many of them were dismantled after they  fell, but some of them survived, and still standing,, just like winners of a war
Luckily, out of my 80 units (as of May 19 2011) only 1 of them was declared broken, this Blitz Gundam had a broken right arm. But I had him fixed as of now.

After the disaster, I collected, fixed, and brought them back to their shelves just like before and from now on.. I WILL NEVER.... EVER LEAVE MY WINDOW OPEN AGAIN.


  1. being careless has devastating consequences

  2. ooohh... so ur from the philippines too... nice blog... exchange links? ...greetings from baguio city...

  3. @ larsmm3 sure thing.. we are happy to have you on our blogroll :D

    and yea greetings from cavite (all authors)

  4. poor things....
    such careless master...
    you prexas...*gollum voice
    are always welcome @ my place XD


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