Saturday, May 28, 2011

Figma - Nanoha Takamachi Barrier Jacket ver.

She finally arrived, along with ErazEr's Mik----------- xD (whooops..)

I'm thinking about writing a review.. but... MEH.. this figma has already been reviewed like a hundred times or even more, so forget it.. xD


  1. give it a try so you can show your own unique style :D

  2. Action poses will do if not figure review...

  3. why not? Sure, there might be a hundred or so reviews of Nanoha Figma, but i'll bet that all of them are not identical to each other. You can try too :) give it a shot

  4. IMO, it would have been better if you showed the completed sides of the cube, namely : white, red and blue. :P


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