Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mikuru Asahina School Uniform Ver.

Mikuru Asahina. #006 on the figma lineup and my most favorite character on the anime Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I just acquired this figma last month from a good friend Samejima. Yes this is a pre-loved, item got it only for 70% off (i think) of the original price, and I couldn't be happier.. I bought her for the purpose of toy photography, also think of her as a muse for my travels.. kinda like what Danny Choo does when he is out of town or at work.

I'll make this just a short review so here goes :D

a short manual on how to remove and replace the face and shoes
she comes with 3 faces 5 pairs of hands and 2 pairs of shoes
an action base (or stand) and this
a zip lock bag for mobility

she can stand well thankfully

yet she can sit down nicely :D

her pantsu is plain white.. IDK about the others

Some poses with her

the stand inserts to a hole on her back but it is somewhat
a pain because of her long hair.
managed to change her shoes but its somewhat a pain due to
its too tight

aerial pose :D

Size Comparisons
1/144 HG 00 Gundam
non scale Ruquia

I'm so happy that I got her on my collection, but this is a high risk one as she may be
a start of a new poison (or hole) in my wallet xD. (Mirai figma perhaps?)

and oh what is 00 doing now?
Hi there pretty lady, me wants you to meet some of muh
friends over theyr and they're dying to see you.

Come they are waiting for you there

wha what hit me?

ooh I'm so sorry 00 san didn't meant to kick you.


Hope that teaches him not to treat females insensitively next time :P.

well then till next post


  1. that's nice Mikuru you have there, I have only Haruhi and Yuki from SOS Dan.

    Oh yeah, why don't you make the picture bigger in width? I think it will be nicer.

  2. thanks :D I think this is already cancelled. cause I don't see her on my favorite shops around here unless its a BL.

    chubbybots also said that picture to me I'm still fiddling with the settings here I'm guessing its the theme, IDK will see

  3. haha no amount of transam can avoid that kick :P But I guess Setsuna is compensated for with a glance of her panstu haha!!

    Got to say nice shots and poses! Got to love pose-able figures...they make up for really nice fun shots!

  4. yeah one reason why I bought her :D

    and part of it is done with a weee bit of photoscaping :D thanks :D


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