Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Gunpla Box Tower

Last day (May 30, 2011), I managed to clean my room. Besides collecting Gunplas, I also preserve their boxes because some of the extra parts and armaments are placed in its respective box, and I also treat them as a part of my Gunpla collection. And as a part of my room management, I also clean and organize these boxes. After organizing these boxes, I stacked them up like a tower in front of my room’s door and they look like this.

At first, I stacked my HG (Hi-Grade) Gunplas box. And wow, the boxes' combined height stood taller than me. (5’5” is my height). The total box count was 30 pcs btw. Next, I stacked my HG boxes and the tower was much higher than the other one ( as you can see) with a total of 45 pieces. 75 pieces all in all. It is not totally equal to my current number of Gunplas (82 pieces as of May 30, 2011) because I bought some of them without its respective box like my Zeta and RX-178 Gundam where I bought from a toy sale in Cosplaymania 2009 (an anime convention). And I also failed to preserve some of them, like my very old Gundam X (since year 2002). And this one here, is the box of my very first Gunpla a transparent version of Gundam Heavy Arms Custom, and hell it is still preserved. (since year 2000). These collected and "well maintained" boxes are SOLID proof of my interest in Gunplas for a lot of years. (11 years to be exact). I am DandyChuu, a proud Gundam enthusiast from Philippines.


  1. woooooaaaahh!!
    0_o what a room and i thought my room was the dirties realm ever kyahahahah!!
    >_< cant even count how many those boxes are...

  2. can you please tell me where i can get Gundam Heavy Arms MG, same ng sa yo

    1. Ow,sorry for my late response, anyway I don't collect MG gunplas, my heavy is just a 144 scale HG, anyway regarding some gunpla store, you can check Best Toys located at Greenbelt 1 Makati, they offer cheaper price compare in toy kingdom or other malls toy store, you can also check some seller in facebook group named "PINOY GUNDAM BUILDERS-SELLER-ARTISTS AND COLLECTORS" were in you can meet some gunpla seller that offer in a cheaper price.


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