Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project Wangun 1st Meet!

Technically this is the first meet after our group was formed... o_o""

We were formed after the 2010 Bandai Model Kit World Cup which was held last November and by far this is really the first time all the members have met again in one place.

The sole reason for this meet was to discuss the BMCWC 2011, as we talked about our collab project, and other whatnots. Funny thing is the serious business was finished in 30 mins.. while the hour and half was spent horsing around with our kits and random ideas. xD

group shot with our figs and gunpla that were present

and this is Project Wangun : 3 members are obvious guess who are the others :D

well this is it till next :D


  1. Thanks for adding my blog link on your blog list bro !! Good luck and MORE POWER TO YOU !!!

  2. and thank you sir also for the tips you share to us on the FB pages and yes more power to you and good luck in life for you and your family

  3. someday im ganna be a mem of p.wg XD


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