Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Gunpla Hobby Box

Hello guys, as a part of being a Gundam enthusiast I also have my own hobby tool kit for gunpla modifications and enhancements. (Note: I posted this article to share what’s inside my hobby box and not to advertise products, maybe I can suggest some alternatives and mention some brands but I am not totally advertising it.)

Last day, (May 29 2011) I migrated my hobby kit to a larger hobby box because I added more materials. Before, I only used an old Nickelodeon lunch box as a hobby box, but now I transferred all my Gunpla materials to an old tool box which I used before for Tamiya's Mini 4WD's (way back in the year 2000 where the Tamiya mini 4wd's took the Phillipines by storm and becoma a phenomena). 

Now, let’s take a look inside my hobby box.

Shown here are a set of colored fine markers. I mainly use these for minor and even large-scale (sometimes) color replacement. I strongly prefer to use the brand “Sharpee” because their markers are quite glossy and besides they are really fade proof and dries quickly, and plus, some of them dries faster than other brands. Also have a lot of those so-called CD markers, which also have the same characteristics as the Sharpee ones.

Next is a set of panel markers. Different brands, different tip sizes for different purposes. The Gundam 0.1 official marker was also present inside the kit and I always use it for gunpla's face panel lining. Another is a 0.1 gray “Copic” pen; I use this one for white parts of gunpla (if gray panel lining is needed). Another is a 0.03 and 0.1 “uni-Pin” brand, these two are for body, armaments and accessory panel lining. And last but not the least is a 0.05 “POTENTATE” (a china one or bootleg) brand, I use this for smaller panel lines whereas a 0.1 and a 0.3 can’t do. Maybe next time I can post a review about this markers, as they have their different pros and cons.

I also have different sizes of small paint brushes for painting purposes. I also use them for cleaning gunpla’s small parts when they become dusty.

Next is a cutter, an alternate hobby knife and a small side cutter plier which is an alternate hobby nipper.

Next is glue,  I use this for stickers that lose their adhesive powarz. Another part of the kit includes these small plastic trees where you can use for making dioramas (obviously). I already used these trees in my first entry on the 2010 Gunpla competition which is held at Eastwood City.

I also included this Crown Super Glue to fix some minor broken parts. I can say that this is my official super glue ever since my debut in this business because of the fact that it is more affordable than Mighty Bond despite having the same capability.

Next is a 1/144 HG stand.

Another is a “Dong-a My Metal Pen” which I use for small gold and silver parts; usually I use this for Head Vulcans.

Next is a “Lotus” quick dry enamel paint for painting parts. Other hobbyists say that enamel paint is not advisable for a gunpla because it may damage the plastic, but this brand is totally different since I have been using it for several years and by experience I can say that this is totally safe for use in gunplas. Besides. these are also very affordable, just only 25 pesos each.
And lastly are some decals and stickers. Since 144 scale gunplas don’t have decals (Except Real Grades), I use them for decorations and designs. These image includes decals of my own and some of my friends who didn't want them on their 1/100's.

As I mentioned before, I don’t advertise them. I’m just sharing what I use for my kits, so it’s up to you, if you will use some of them too or you may suggest other brands, but I hope you have learned something from this post.


  1. there are a lot of tools,, maybe I will use this too

  2. goo day to you sir, where can i buy those lotus enamel paints? do i need to add some water or thinner before i apply it?

    1. Hi, sorry for late response, this are ordinary enamel that you can buy in hardware shop. I you use it as ease, no need to add some water and thinner, but according to some experts, this paint can damage your gunpla, much advisable to use acrylic paints than enamel,as of now I rarely use enamel, I use if I will paint a small part of my kit or for retouch purpose only. =)

  3. I hope by now you have already replaced that horrible cutter to a design knife?

  4. Good day.. how did you apply the dongna pen?tia


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