Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello everyone :D xD

wow its been a good while and quite frankly even how to post here in blogger have changed visually but nonetheless its still the same interface, quite frankly the main reason why we haven't posted anything fruitful for a long while now because the authors are now hooked on this game ^, to the fact even I stayed to the wee hours of the night. playing 3:00 A.M to be precise..

game is fast paced with the fun side of piloting your favorite MS's with their own strengths and weaknesses, at first I thought all of the units are just got via luck on the gatcha. after delving deeper learned that the powerful ones needed to be crafted to attain.. 

here are some screenies of what in blazes we have been doing xD

 here you see is the plan on how to make the Astray Blue Frame 2nd L

now the game is great and all but still have issues as being disconnected at times especially when traffic is quite high.. which is frustrating especially if you are doing a quest or on the pvp server maybe the reason is SEA's server is in SG (Singapore) whilst we're on the PH. I dunno.. but all in all its great.. 

and also........

a latest acquisition that arrived after my birthday yeeeei xD xD

came with 3 games thanks to my dad.

finished most of them now except cars 2 just hunting down trophies and stuff but after a long hiatus 
finally have the chance of playing this game thanks to my o'l buddy 

yep I'm now playing FFXIII, now I'm aware of some of the comments about the game but meh.. its a Final Fantasy game and from the looks of its good just it has a change of pace from the previous installments which may be a shocker to many who played this for the first time..

and yea here is my PSN account 


well thats all for a while. and yea will work on those posts I told earlier take care everyone

ErazEr out..

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