Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gunpla Builder's World Cup 2011 Philippine leg

its almost here finally, after seeing whats what on Europe, US, Japan and other countries across the globe, finally the Philippines will have a shot on this yearly event, this will happen on November 18-20 at Robinson's Ermita Downtown Atrium, so for any interested persons who are reading this I invite you guys to join the fun, as aside from the main event, Bankee trading, the official sponsor, will also will also give away many many kits for interested people who happens to pass by :D

Yours truly had joined for 3 years though never won even at raffles, but the experience of meeting people and seeing each others work was rewarding enough.

Being a Gunpla event, attendance is a must for PW, which means all of us are working on our entries for the event, I personally will be joining the Special Category where an OOTB ( Out OF The Box) build, which will show model basics of each participant who joined. :D
this sucker will be my entry for this year, and yea Im finished ahead of time, but will do some final touch ups before the event proper :D so wish me luck

well thats all see you guys on the event and take care

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