Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Figure Time! - Roy Mustang

Greetings people! to jump start the month of November, I give you a QUICK photo review of my favorite character in Full Metal Alchemist!

Data :

Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング, Roi Masutangu), the Flame Alchemist (炎の錬金術師 Honō no Renkinjutsushi), is a State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military. A hero of the Ishval Civil War and Edward Elric's superior officer, Colonel Mustang is a remarkably capable commander who plans to become the next Führer of Amestris.

Product Manufacturer : Bandai (again? xDXDXDXD)

reference image with the cool overcoat

coats / capes are coolness multipliers(?)

the shoes look awfully good in this angle

the Ignition Cloth Glove

"if you mess with me, I'll burn you"

he really looks badass

Finally, my promised review.. te he he he! as far as I can remember, the set where this figure is included was released way back in 2005 / 2006 and I managed to buy him at a sale price of PHP599 sometime around 2009.

  • vibrant colors
  • pretty accurate to the anime
  • THE COAT IS <3
  • badass, he is the Flame Alchemist after all...

  • details are below average
  • unstable (he comes without a stand, but he can easily handle minor shelf / table / display cabinet bumps tho)
  • both of his hands are badly painted
  • the holes of his coat's sleeves are too shallow

RATING : 3.9/5

so that's it for this quick review, next up is Roy's personal assistant, bodyguard and love interest Riza Hawkeye from the same company / anime / figure set

g'bye folks and have a nice November!

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