Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gundam Age- Anime my thoughts

a bit of a late post haha but heh, better than nothing.. this is just to say my thoughts on the anime after watching the 1st.. (currently downloading the 2nd) episode of the anime.. I'm not gonna say what happened on the show you can check out this guy for that

honestly I watched it not expecting that much, but I am still expecting some things about the anime.. so far the plot hasn't shown up much to us and yes Age hasn't showed its fullest potential as of yet..

But.. the thought of it as a kids really didn't entered my mind as its more on a PG-13 type of a show cause it showed what war is, and losing your only parent isn't the type kids 10 years below can swallow up to this point (unless they play GTA a lot often but thats me).

so far it shows an interesting plot and concept, though I was underwhelmed by the pilot episode one must not judge things on what you see on the first time.. you have to open it up and explore a little more for you to see what it can show you..

sorry for the random post, as it may sound a bit off place with just random thoughts popping out but this is what I think of the anime.. I said it before (on a comment on an another blog) that I'm gonna hold my judgement about the anime until it finishes

till then take care

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